Ben (cnv) wrote,

A million exploding suns

So I've been back home for a day. I saw alex and alison yesterday which was good. However, being home is very depressing. I have only four friends here anymore and only one of them was my good friend in high school. One of them still lives here, two of them are going to be living out of the country soon(again for one of them), and as far as things look so far, I'll probably only hang out with the two I've already hung out with. I really want to see mike before I leave though. I've lost a lot of friends here, and I don't know why. Some of them weren't surprising losses, some were, and about two were HUGE surprises. Those two girls have huge vendettas against me it seems. They won't talk to me on aim, they pretty much act like I don't exist. Is it a coincidence that these two are girls? I miss talking to Dave about metal, hip hop, and life. If I was a bad person back then, someone just fucking tell me, shit, tell me if I'm a bad person now. if you are on the friends list, please see the next friends-only post.
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